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Our linen is a symbol of cleanness and luxury.

Linen is verily national wealth and property of the Republic of  Belarus. Our earth gives good crop, provides us with ecologically pure products which possesses invaluable properties.

To save natural linen soleness, beauty ad loveliness is the target of “Orsha linen mill, the biggest and uncial in Belarus enterprise that produces linen fabrics and ready-made goods.

Linen mill runs its history from 1930 when in our traditionally flax-growing country besides handicraft weaving started industrial linen fabrics production.

During 80-years old historya huge and even  uncial unique experience in linen processing and natural clothes manufacturing has been accumulated.  Keeping traditions of linen weaving today’s experts try to keep up to date, all the time work on technology and quality improving. . In accordance with international standards ISO 9001-2000  the quality management system has been introduced and has been certificated on “Orsha Linen Mill in the 2004. Process of equipment renovation isn’t stopped, modern automated lines are being purchased and established instead of old machines. It permits to diversify more assortment of production.

Now linen mill presents rather wide production, including 4 factories when we can see complete cycle of changes from flax fibre to ready-made goods. Everything starts with primary processing of raw materials and after spinning and weaving producing phase is ended by finishing treatment of fabrics and sewing of ready goods.

The number of workers of Orsha Linen Mill is more than 5 thousand. They work on the creation of the richest linen assortment. The enterprise capacity allows processing of 25 thousand tons of linen fibre per year.

Our linen is delivered in many countries, more than 65% of production is solled in the markets of near and far abroad. The linen demand grows at home market. Nowadays more and more people prefer linen products.

We have a great choice of products for customers. The assortment list exceeds 2000 units. These are natural linen fabrics of various drawings and colors, industrial and technical production, table and bed-clothes, dresses.

Those who concentrate their choice on linen assortment are absolutely right. Because linen is a unique natural creation. During many centuries our ancestors had treated it with a great respect, because they believed in its ability to defend against diseases, also considered linen as a symbol of purity and luxury. Over time, linen hasn’t lost its amazing properties; it keeps on giving people the morning coolness and sunny summer warmth. You’ve noticed when wearing natural clothes, there’s a comfortable feeling in a severe frost and it is absolutely not hot in warm days.

Such linen qualities, as smoothness, durability, antistatic are also unique. At the same time it possesses bactericidal properties and weakens gamma-radiation almost twice. And in these features linen is out of competition, it really keeps health, creates sensation of comfort and cosiness.

We are always glad to offer you the opportunity for daily use practical, beautiful and healthy linen products.

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